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The Mission of the Junior Golf Academy:



The goal of Pam LeBlanc Golf Solutions at Greensmere Junior Academy is to introduce young athletes to the great game of golf in a fun, informative and safe learning environment. We clearly understand the developmental stages of children and we have designed our programs accordingly. The Junior Academy offers progressive social and competitive programs for all ages and abilities, while focusing on the fundamentals of golf, athletic development and building positive self- esteem. Not many sports place such an emphasis on honesty, integrity, camaraderie and other essential life skills the way the game of golf, so wonderfully does.

We take pride in providing a professional, fun and friendly environment for the junior golfer to discover the game through private lessons, camps and group programs.



Time:  All lessons are half hour in duration.


1 Lesson:               $ 35.00


Series of 3:            $ 99.00


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