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Golf Fitness - Titleist Performance Institute Physical Golf Assessment


Golf fitness is important for those golfers who truly want to improve their games - and who want to improve their physical abilities. Because golf fitness means addressing issues of strength, flexibility and balance. Paying attention to golf fitness can improve your scores.


TPI physical golf assessment program is designed for golfers who have an interest in improving their ball striking through an intense focus on your individual movement patterns. During your session, our Certified Titleist Performance Institute trainer will assess you on balance, stability, and mobility as they relate to your individual kinematic sequence. Specific exercises will be conducted to improve your weak areas and you will be able to access the exercise library through the Titleist Performance Institute.




Nutrition and Health


Golf is just like any other sport. To maximize your performance you must be in top condition, and a good diet is an important aspect of this. Eating the right foods is important for golfers to provide the energy to fuel your body during training and games, and for recovery afterwards. The Royal Canadian Golf Academy states that golfers burn between 2,000 and 2,500 calories per round. Four or five hours on a golf course in the heat of the day is draining, and fueling your body properly will help you hit the ball the same on the 18th hole as you did on the first.


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